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January 8, 2012

Emma Freed, of 351 South Glenroy Avenue, passed away today, at the age of 19 - surrounded by her loving family.  She lived an extraordinary life.

Her love of travel and the arts took her around the globe.  Many times, she travelled with her family, across the pond in pursuit of theatre and writing – including the plays and seminars, penned and led by her father.  She especially loved Italy, England, and Ireland.

Back in Los Angeles, her presence graced the writing classes, tutorials, and gourmet dinners which took place in her home.  She touched and was loved by all who met her.  Emma was the embodiment of all the best that is possible within us.

Donald and Patty carry a fierce love for her, which shall not wane.  In lieu of flowers, they ask that you reach out, in whatever way, to all the animals with whom we share this earth.  In that way, we honor this gentle, loving, ever giving soul.

She truly was, in every sense, Emma Freed.

“Written by: Deborah Frutkin”

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