Donald Freed International Playwright and Master Teacher
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This weekly Seminar begins each Saturday at one p.m. with a gourmet buffet lunch at the Los Angeles home of Donald and Patricia Freed. The first hour includes a critical analysis of current cultural events, illustrative readings from great world literature, stretching from the first universal myths to the modern giants.

Afterward, group participants take their turn moving into the “The Writers Chair” at the front of the room, read from their on-going work in any one of several genres: the novel, memoir, short story, play, poetry or history.

After a break at two-thirty for refreshment, the Writers continue to read excerpts from their work in progress. Mr. Freed, alone, responds to these readings; no other group criticism is permitted. The Seminar concludes at four-fifteen.

Included in the monthly fee are weekly, private Tutorial meetings with Mr. Freed offered to all Writers, as needed.

Twice a year, public readings are given at local bookshops. These, the Summer Writers/Actors Project which takes place in Europe (Lake Como, Italy, for three years past; this year in the South of France); a (almost) yearly Literary Festival in the Freed home; and now, the making of a documentary film on the group: each individual shares the camera’s focus; their work in and out of the Seminar; we see them reading and writing in their home environment; how they create in life and work, paying “A Debt of Honor” (the film’s title) to the creative gifts they possess.

There is a thriving international component to this group: A number of International authors living in countries as diverse as Holland, Italy, England and Canada conduct individual Tutorials with Mr. Freed by telephone on a weekly basis. These Participants often take part in the yearly, ten day Writers/Actors Project in Europe, where the mingling of their gifts and cultures with those from America literally make the creative sparks fly. Oftentimes, too, they visit the Freed home and Seminars at least once a year.

MEMBERSHIP: Those interested in joining this Master Class are invited to engage in a extended exchange with Donald about their writing objectives and proposed projects, as well as visit the Freed home one Saturday afternoon to witness in person the creative work of the group.

To contact for Mr. Freed: Email