Donald Freed International Playwright and Master Teacher
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Mission Statement


In the year 2000, Patricia and Donald Freed began holding a Writing Seminar each Saturday afternoon in their home. Its general purpose was to create a supportive environment for artists working primarily as writers and, to a lesser extent, actors.

The Saturday Writing Seminar has evolved over almost two decades into providing a weekly, nurturing space for Artists, most often writers and to a lesser extent actors.  The Seminar opens its doors as a venue in which to try out their always serious and meaningful attempts at creative work.  The necessity for such exposure is what most often brings these attempts at the creative process to a standstill.

The next step in the work requires us to travel into the realm of business and the pursuit of financing: publication and/or the acquisition of performance space becomes a requirement in order to move forward.

At this point, Artists join the ranks of all Workers.  They must find a vehicle which provides space for their work to be read, rehearsed, performed; made public and brought to the world in the form of creative product. Send it out....only to be welcomed in, as it were.

Our Saturday Seminar goal is to provide space and opportunity for this process to thrive;  this is Donald's gift to his extraordinary fellow Writers and Actors.  We, as a team, put on a private tribute every Saturday, in our home.  We are there to stimulate the process, nurture the work and its creators, and aid in the birth of a myriad of artistic incarnations; then stand aside as they morph into shared gifts for us all.

That is our Debt of Honor.