Donald Freed International Playwright and Master Teacher
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PLAYS BY(summary of )

INQUEST The United States v. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Alan Schneider’s great Broadway production with James Whitmore, George Grizzard and Anne Jackson.

CIRCE & BRAVO Harold Pinter’s London production with Faye Dunaway as an American First Lady held captive, was hailed in England and America.

VETERANS DAY Called a “near masterpiece… of distinguished, moving and morally eloquent writing” by the London Times. With Jack Lemmon and Michael Gambon.


SECRET HONOR A one-character study of Richard Nixon taping his final defense. Play and film won the Berlin Critics Prize. Directed by Robert Altman.

THE MYSTERIOUS MRS. NIXON A poignant character study with Pat Nixon entering the stage as her husband exits in the SECRET HONOR.

AMERICAN ILIAD Final play of the trilogy continues the myth of Richard Nixon as he travels in his mind through the 20th century and on to the new millennium with old values struggling to survive.

THE WHITE CROW: EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM Adolph Eichmann in Jerusalem for the trial of the Century. Sparked “controversy and raves” in Germany and America. (text of play)

ALFRED & VICTORIA (A LIFE) A two generation duel depicting a mythic version of the sensational sex and murder scandal, “The Bloomingdale Affair.”

IS HE STILL DEAD? The last days of James and Nora Joyce before the Nazis drove them from France. Julie Harris in a famous interpretation of Nora Joyce.

THE QUARTERED MAN The madness and death of a CIA officer operating in Central America in the 1980s.

JULIEN SOREL An adaptation of Stendhal’s classic The Red and the Black. The adulterous passion of a mature, bourgeois woman fulfilled, finally, by a young peasant, educated and driven by his political fantasies.

SOKRATES MUST DIE A dynamic revision of the trial and death of Sokrates, set against his love for the independent and passionate spirit of his wife, Xanthippe.

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE Capture and agonizing struggle between General Manuel Noriega and Archbishop Laboa on Christmas Eve, Panama 1989.

HOW SHALL WE BE SAVED? This moral thriller unfolds as a mysterious man and woman meet for a tryst on a bench in the garden of an anonymous luxury hotel.

PATIENT NO. 1 The year is 2010, the place an elite psychiatric clinic, the Patient No. 1 is — the ex-president, George W. Bush! (text of play)

“Patient No. 1 is a powerful, disturbing and continually gripping drama which caused me to weep for America.” Ronald Harwood

HAMLET (IN REHEARSAL) “Donald Freed’s stage version of HAMLET (IN REHEARSAL) unearths a buried play within the play within the play in which a guilt-imprisoned, state-imprisoned, cosmically-imprisoned Hamlet lunges for and ultimately grasps the quietus of freedom. It is an explosively original, marvelously creative feat of Nabokovian intellectual acrobatics. Wonderful!” Leon Katz, Leon Katz’ Edition of the Notebooks of Gertrude Stein, Emeritus Professor, Yale University. (text of play)

1951-2006 World Premiere, Los Angeles Theatre Center, May 2010: a fifty year love affair spans the rise and fall of the American Empire. (text of play)

TOMORROW world premiere, Rogue Machine Theatre, Los Angeles: A brilliant young actress, and an immortal Diva, search for the secret soul of Lady MacBeth.