Donald Freed
International Playwright
and Master Teacher

Past Events

Donald's 87th Birthday Celebration May 2019
Sam Johnson's Bookstore - May 19, 2019

American Iliad - Nov 12, 2017

Summer Writer's project Saint Paul De Vence

Collective Voices at Double Vision Gallery


Summer 2013 Actors/Writers Project -- French Riviera

From June 15 – 25, Patricia and Donald Freed will accompany a group of Writers and Actors to the magical village of St. Paul de Vence on the French Riviera, nestled gently above the Mediterranean sea.

The group will be in residence at Hotel Le Hameau. Dinners will be taken nightly at the legendary La Colombe d’Or, the Inn which houses perhaps the greatest collection of Impressionist paintings in the world.

While the air is literally perfumed with creativity, most important is: Daily Seminars including lecture and readings will take place at the beautiful , restored farm house which is Le Hameau, participants working always among the citrus groves and gardens.


TOMORROW is the story of a brilliant, driven young woman, and a hundred year old theatrical legend as they search for the soul of Lady MacBeth.

The famous teacher is the last of the immortal Booth family. She and her great-nephew, as well as the young woman find out the secret of their own souls during their week of rehearsal.

The play begins its world premiere run in Los Angeles, produced by the Rogue Machine Theatre in association with the Skylight Theatre, and will open in March, 2013. To be directed by Damian Cruden, the Artistic Director of York Theatre Royal.

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Patricia Rae & Donald Freed Foundation Mission Statement

The Patricia Rae & Donald Freed Foundation has been formed to help Artists, most often Writers and to a lesser extent Actors, finance the cost of venues in which to try out their meaningful, creative work. The necessity for such exposure is what most often brings to a standstill the creative process, the next step in the work taking us into the realm of business and the pursuit of financing.

This is the point at which Artists join the ranks of all Workers. They must find a place to read, rehearse, perform, and make public their creative product, send it into the world, as it were.

Our Foundation aims to fund this process for not only Donald, but for you, his extraordinary students and colleagues. We put on a private gala of sorts every Saturday in our home. Some of you, even if not active creatively, but respected observers and supporters, will need, as well , the opportunity to visit a more public forum: to hear our voices, see our work, respond and cheer us on.

The Patricia Rae and Donald Freed Foundation hopes to help find such venues, finance the process, and most import, nurture the work and its creators. We thank you in advance for supporting this Foundation, and shaping it into a shared gift for us all.


During the Summers of 2009, 2010 and 2011, Patricia and Donald Freed led groups of some twenty Writers and Actors to Bellagio, the legendary town at the edge of Italy's Lake Como.

The groups were in residence for ten day intensive Seminars, in the town center. Dining and recreation were hosted at the beautiful Bellagio Sporting Club, but most important....

The Seminars, readings, lectures and private tutorials took place daily in a secluded penthouse overlooking the lake.

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“ Photos by: McKenzie Satterthwaite

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