Donald Freed
International Playwright
and Master Teacher
Mission Statement

Some years ago, Patricia and Donald Freed formed a Foundation to support creative work in the Arts. The Mission Statement below describes its function:

The Patricia and Donald Freed Playwrights Foundation has been formed to help Artists, most often writers and to a lesser extent actors, finance the cost of venues in which to try out their meaningful, creative work. The necessity for such exposure is what most often brings to a standstill the creative process, the next step in the work taking us into the realm of business and the pursuit of financing.

This is the point at which Artists join the ranks of all Workers. They must find a place to read, rehearse, perform, and make public their creative product. Send it into the world, as it were.

Our Foundation aims to fund this process for not only Donald but you, his extraordinary students. We put on a private gala of sorts every Saturday, in our home. Some of you, even if not active creatively, but respected observers and supporters, will need as well the opportunity to visit a more public forum, to hear our voices, see our work, respond and cheer us on.

The Patricia and Donald Freed Playwrights Foundation hopes to help find such venues, finance the process, and most importantly, nurture the work and its creators. We thank you in advance for supporting it, and shaping it into a shared gift for us all.